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CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) Countries

The Commonwealth of Independent States (or CIS) is an intergovernmental organization made up of post-Soviet nations throughout #Eurasia.

There are nine member states of the Commonwealth of Independent States. These CIS states are #Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, #Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, and #Uzbekistan.

This organization promotes cooperation across the member states in #economics, military, and political aspects. The #organization also has some power over #trade, finance, security, and making laws. The nations also cooperate in preventing cross-border crime.

The CIS, also known as the Russian Commonwealth, was first created in 1922 through the Treaty and Declaration of the #USSR's Creation. The signing of the Belavezha Accords in 1991 dissolved the #Soviet Union and replaced it with the CIS.

The CIS oversees three different organizations: the Eurasian Economic Union, the Union State, and the Collective Security Treaty Organization. In 2012, eight of the nine members signed on to participate in the #CIS Free Trade Area.

The entire region spans over 8 million square miles and a population of nearly 240 million people. Belarus, #Kazakhstan, #Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Russia, and Uzbekistan were the founding member states.

#Turkmenistan is an associate member state. It signed the agreement to join the CIS in 1991 but has not ratified the charter. Though it was a #founding member, it has never been a full member and was designated as an associate member state in 2005.

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